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Proud Voices group

Proud Voices is made up of representatives from each of the UK and Irish LGBT choirs. We are a loose network of singers whose main role is to facilitate communication and information sharing between choirs. We exchange tips with each other on choosing music, choir promotion, concert logistics, recruiting members and many more. To grow this network we are constantly on the lookout for LGBT choirs and inviting them to be a part of our group. Why not join us?

Hand in Hand festivals

Hand in Hand 2013

In the early 2000s the Sing Out festivals brought the UK and Irish LGBT choirs together for a series of workshops and concerts, and were an opportunity for our choirs to meet face to face. With so many new choirs forming, such events are a chance for all of our choirs to come together in real life. The first of these new 'Hand In Hand' festivals was organized by the Pink Singers and took place at the Troxy theatre in London on 13 July 2013. The next of these biannual festivals will take place in Brighton on Saturday 13 June 2015. Follow us on Facebook or twitter for the latest news.

Proud Voices at Various Voices

Various Voices is the 4-yearly international LGBT choir festival which takes place in Europe under the auspices of the European LGBT choir umbrella organization, Legato. Our aim is to give UK & Irish choirs who would not otherwise attend the festival the opportunity to perform on stage as part of a larger joint choir, and encourage them to meet other choirs from further afield, participate in educational workshops and make new friends. It is always loads of fun!