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About Us

Proud Voices is a group of representatives from LGBT choirs across the UK and Ireland. We've come together to build upon the relationships between us, share information and support each other. We can be found all across the the UK and Ireland, and with decades of pooled experience in starting and running choirs in all sorts of contexts between us, we want to give a leg up to new choirs and each other.

Every choir is unique, but by putting together what we've learnt, Proud Voices hopes to keep our LGBT choral community singing!

Friendly beginnings

Proud Voices began after a memorable joint concert between the Pink Singers and Sing Out Bristol in June 2011. Members of the two choirs got together and agreed that the relationships we foster by singing together need to be nurtured over the miles and over the years. Through the use of social networking, Gay Abandon and Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chrous joined the group and thus Proud Voices was born. Since then many other lesbian, gay, bi and trans choirs in the UK and Ireland have come on board.

Friendlier faces

The aim of Proud Voices is to use social networking to create a friendly on-line environment which allows the LGBT choirs of the UK and Ireland to keep in touch with each other informally, and put names and faces to the choirs. By so doing, we hope to encourage on-going dialogue between the choirs about things which affect us all, share events and offer advice to each other. We especially want to support new and fledgling choirs.

Join in the conversation!

If you are in a choir and want to be a part of this group, or are setting up a new choir and would like some support, then please contact us.