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The Choirs

Note: This map does not give the exact location of where each choir rehearses, just an approximation of where it it based. Many cities have more than one choir, so zoom in to see them all. You can also view Proud Voices in a larger map.

  1. Actually Gay Men's Chorus, Brighton
  2. Barberfellas, London
  3. Brighton Belles, Brighton
  4. Brighton Gay Men's Chorus, Brighton
  5. Choral Con Fusion, Cork
  6. Deep C Divas, Leeds
  7. Diversity Choir, London
  8. Dublin Gay Men's Chorus, Dublin
  9. Edinburgh Gay Men's Chorus, Edinburgh
  10. The Fourth Choir, London
  11. Gay Abandon, Leeds
  12. Gay Men's Dance Company Choir, London
  13. Gin & Harmonics, London
  14. Glória DLGC, Dublin
  15. GLOW Choir Brighton, Brighton
  16. GLOW Choir Eastbourne, Eastbourne
  17. GLOW Choir London, London
  18. The Goblets, London
  19. The Homonics, Dublin
  20. Homonix, London
  21. Kent LGBT Singers, Canterbury
  22. Liverpool LGBT Singers, Liverpool
  23. London Gay Men's Chorus, London
  24. London Trans* Choir, London
  25. Loud & Proud, Edinburgh
  26. Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus, Manchester
  27. Many Voices, London
  28. Northern Proud Voices, Newcastle
  29. Out Aloud, Sheffield
  30. Quire, Belfast
  31. The Pink Singers, London
  32. Pride & Joy, Newcastle
  33. Proud Marys, Chester
  34. Rainbow Chorus, Brighton
  35. Rainbow Singers Across Borders, Croydon
  36. Rainbow Voices, Birmingham
  37. Resound Male Voices, Brighton
  38. The Sacred Wing, Leeds
  39. Sing Out Bristol, Bristol
  40. Sing OUT Proud LGBTi Community Choir, Glasgow
  41. Sing With Pride, Norwich
  42. Singing Amach Lesbian Choir, Dublin
  43. Songbirds, Cardiff
  44. Southampton Gay Men's Chorus, Southampton
  45. South Wales Gay Men's Chorus, Cardiff
  46. Spectrum Choir, Exeter
  47. Spectrum of Sound LGBT Choir, Rhyll
  48. The Sunday Boys, Manchester
  49. Thames Valley Gay Chorus, Reading

Are you a queer choir which isn't yet on this list? Get in touch! Hull is setting up a Rainbow Choir - contact them for more information on

Head Voice

'Head Voice' is our series looking at the amazing people who make up our choir family. Want to know more about the diverse LGBT choirs of the UK & Ireland? Watch to find out more!