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The pandemic has wreaked havoc on all our choirs. Restrictions on gathering, rehearsing and performing have put the survival of our communities, and the roles our choirs play in them, at risk. Choirs are more than just a hobby - they provide a safe and social space for people which nurtures diversity and personal growth, and they serve as a collective voice to bring people together to express feelings of hope, solidarity and celebration. Nothing touches the soul like a song can!

Proud Voices aims to keep our LGBT choral community singing by creating projects and virtual events which enable our choirs to share their collective wisdom, and to keep participation in all our groups going. Find out more about our first virtual festival here. Let's keep singing!

You can help!

To bring this all together we need your help. We're aiming to keep our #ChoirsVsCOVID programme of roundtables and performances going through the pandemic with a small budget and would ask that you donate if you are able to. Any surplus funds will go to making Hand in Hand Newcastle 2022 a reality. All donations, however big or small, would be gratefully received.

Donate here!

Together we can make it through the pandemic, surviving and singing! We look forward to seeing you at Hand in Hand!